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Easing your way to get funding

During the period 2014-2020, Romania will benefit of over 30 Billion. EUR structural and cohesion funds. This means that Romanian legal entities, including private companies (SMEs and large companies), will benefit from these grants after a careful assessment of their capabilities and the preparation of a solid application.
Structural Funds will be organised and distributed to operational programs covering different areas of eligibility like:

  • Food Industry

  • Tourism

  • Production

  • Waste Management

  • Renewable Energy

  • Regeneration of Deprived Arrears

  • Research & Development

  • Infrastructure of streets, water, air, rail

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Social & Health

  • Education

  • Sport & Recreation

  • Real Estate for SMEs

Baker Tilly may support you in successfully implementing the project bringing a good understanding of the rules and procedures and also considerable experience in managing the project implementation.


Our team

We have a team of consultants specialised in the design and structure of funded projects. Due to their experience in writing successful projects, our clients benefit for a variety of funding opportunities from EU Funds to State Funds. Our competitive advantage is conferred by the presence of similar departments in other European countries in which these services are represented by supporting projects financed by structural funds, state grants or programs that directly access the European Commission, as well as research programs, transfer knowledge, know-how, exchanges of best practices in projects with a European dimension involving genuine partnership and allocation of resources, whether material, financial or knowledge.

With a business-oriented approach on even for non-profit environment or public administration, our team promotes projects with an emphasis on productive investment components, health, green energy RES / EE and environmental, quality management, ICT, human resources and agriculture.


Our approach is based on integrated services 

  • Identification of grants: project analysis, operational program, pre-feasibility
  • Elaboration of dossiers: financing documentation, co-financing services, relation with the Contracting Authority, assisting in signing the financing contract
  • Implementation and project management



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